IB at Elverum vgs.

Why should you choose IB at Elverum videregående skole?

The IB pathway 


(General studies)
curriculum in Vg1, predominantly in English
with focus on IB skill development.


Select 6 subjects,
3 at HL and 3 at SL.


Continue with the 6 subjects
you picked in IB1.

Most students start at Pre-IB

A majority of our students who enter the IB program complete Elverum Pre-IB year in Vg1. This is not mandatory and every year a small number of students enter the IB program in Vg2 after completing their first year in another program. Experience shows that these students manage to get up to speed quite quickly, but that the switch to English immersion is an initial challenge. 

Students completing the Pre-IB programme at Elverum do not only have the advantage of expsore to subject specific terminology in English, but also develop IB skills and focus on the attributes of the IB learner profile. This will benefit all students learning development irrespective of whether they decide to continue their education in the IB programme.

How to apply

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